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The main and most important focus here is for the children to have fun, and learn while doing it. The staff work hard to provide the best learning environment for each age group. We are not hooked up to TV, but we are hooked into lots of interesting things for our children to experience. From the huge air bag for jumping, to the sand and water tables, to the equipment in the yard, all the children enjoy a variety of experiences within the "routine" of the day. We work on special events such as our yearly Christmas Concert, our Mother's Day Lunch which is a Preschool event, our Pre-school "graduation" ceremony, our fundraising "sleep over" and our Open House in June. The children here are individuals first, and part of a group second. Each child learns something from both parts of this. First they learn responsibility to themselves, and next the cooperativeness that needs to happen in a group for everyone to have a fun time. As we are only closed on Satutory Holidays, plus Easter Monday and Boxing Day, and have a full time staff, there is no need to worry if your child's teacher is ill or going away on a holiday. There is always a staff person available to help your child learn and have fun while do so.