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 Older Toddlers - 2.5 yr Group

This group has a focus of learning new things and having fun. The goals of this group are to learn to "shadow print" their name, recognize the colors, shapes and letters of the alphapbet. This group learns the concept of numbers up to 6, do ABC puzzle games, use the Discovery Toys appropriate for this age, and indulge in their most fun game, "dress up", while putting the finishing touches to their dance moves to old favourites such as "On top of spagetti", "Farmer in the Dell" and "Take me out to the Ball Game". This group works on their social skills, manners, and life skills such as toileting, learning to dress themselves, do buttons, zippers and snaps. This is a busy, active group of 6, who keep their teacher busy providing crafts and room decorations for them to make and give with pride to their parents.