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 Special Diet Requests

Over the last few months there has been an increasing number of parental requests for separate means and/or snacks.  The Yellowknife Daycare is committed to the safety of all children in our care and needs to manage these requests in a safe and organized manner.  It is for this reason that we are asking parents whose children have an allergy to certain foods and who wish to substitute meals with their own to follow the guidelines below:

If you are requesting your child have alternative meal substitutes due to allergies, a letter from the doctor or other professional should be in your child’s file.  We are dealing with a large number of these requests and in order for our staff to safely keep track of them, the Yellowknife Day Care requires everyone to present their child’s meals or snacks in the same way.  Please bring your meals or snacks in the following manner:

  1. Substitute meals: are to be brought ready to serve in a plastic container than can be heated if need be (microwaveable safe), labeled with your child’s name and instruction (eg. Please microwave);
  2. Substitute snack: brought in a baggie or other suitable container with child’s name on it and designated for a.m. or p.m. use;
  3. Alternate yogurt products: a small container that would be used up the same week it is brought, clearly labeled with the child’s name;
  4. Substitute milk products: should bring it in a small container holding a maximum of 5 days worth, clearly labeled with their child’s name on the container;
  5. All substitutes: need to be taken to the kitchen pass through and left  there   for the cook. (our kitchen is classed commercial, children and non-staff are not allowed)

Point number 5 is important:  staff need to be supervising the safety of the children and their care and will not be available to look through a child’s bag to check for substitute food or open cans or other commercial containers.  If you need to use a can or commercially prepared food, please place it into a plastic container ready for serving.  It will also not be possible to call a parent to check to see if the meal available is “OK” for the child that day.  A menu is posted each week for your information.  Due to limited storage space it is not possible to keep “extras” incase a parent “forgets”.

While each child is an individual whose safety is of the utmost importance, the Yellowknife Day Care needs to put these guidelines in place to reduce the increasing amount of time staff are spending tracking down substitute meals.  We hope that you will be understanding in this matter as we aim to provide high quality care for all the children under our roof.