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 Parent Involment Policy

Daily Involvement

We encourage parents and guardians to be actively involved with our daycare. Should a parent have suggestions or ideas, please take it up to the Executive Director’s attention. Your involvement will help us to enrich our program goals. Our teachers and the Executive Director are committed to giving the best possible care for your children. There are bulletin boards beside each classroom, where teachers post some of the activities they did throughout the day. We also encourage an open communication with your child’s classroom teacher. Should there be any concern, we strongly suggest voicing your concern and bringing it up to the Executive Director’s attention. Parents and guardians are welcome to join us on outings or special in house events, such as birthday parties and theme days.  We want to create an atmosphere where families feel welcomed and involved.

Volunteering Involvement

 Volunteering is another type of involvement we encourage our parents to do. All parents are required to complete 1-hour volunteer work with our daycare. Parents can choose to help with fundraisings, complete some of the jobs that will be listed and posted on the bulletin board, or help us to cover teacher’s lunch breaks. Volunteering hours will be calculated at the end of each month. Those parents who were not able to complete their volunteering requirements will be charged $ 75.00, which will be payable with daycare fees.